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Book Valentines Mini-Challenge #2 | Book Blogger Love-a-Thon 2015

Posted February 21, 2015 by Samantha in fandom, loveathon / 10 Comments

Book Blogger Love-a-Thon is hosted by Alexa of Alexa Loves Books. It is a week long event to foster positivity, creativity, and love in the book community!

book valentine to my current otp

For this challenge, we are to create a valentine to express our love to a certain character. But, I decided to dedicate a playlist to my reigning current OTP, The Darkling and Alina from the Grisha trilogy.

Since finishing this series, and LOVING it, I have completely passed over the realm of sanity and have shipped this pairing with my entire heart and soul. I frequently wallow in my feelings while listening to this playlist and browsing the Tumblr tags devoted to this couple. This is my gift to them (and you).

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Like calls to like

i. Fear and Loathing – Marina and the Diamonds

“I lived a lot of different lives/ Been different people many times/ I lived my life in bitterness/ And filled my heart with emptiness”

ii. Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation

“I won’t soothe your pain/ I won’t ease your strain”

iii. Crazy in Love (Remix) – Beyonce

“Your love’s got me looking so crazy right now”

iv. Heavy in Your Arms – Florence + the Machine

“I love you never felt like any blessing”

v. Twice –  Little Dragon

“Thought I had the answer once/ But your random ways swept me along”

vi. Waiting Game – Banks

“What if the way we started makes it something cursed from the start/ What if it only gets colder”

vii. Love the Way You Lie – Skylar Grey

“Even angels have their wicked schemes/ And you take that to new extremes/ But you’ll always be my hero/ Even though you’ve lost your mind”

viii. Still Here – Digital Daggers

“Every night, I dream you’re still here/ The ghost by my side, so perfectly clear/ When I awake, you’ll disappear/ Back to the shadows with all I hold dear”

You can check back with me in 6 months and I will still not be over this series and this pairing and these characters.

Do you have any songs that go perfectly with your OTP?

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